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I am a multimedia artist living in the heart of Appalachia. My work in printmaking, painting, ceramic and glass sculpture addresses the environmental problems facing  this region and our planet. Stories of the natural world, its beauty and current imbalance inform my work. Living in West Virginia I feel the destruction of the mountains, rivers and forests. I am passionate about telling this story in my work.


In 2014 my town experienced a toxic water poisoning in which coal cleaning chemicals seeped into our water source and stuck to our pipes. We had no potable water for months. Since that time, my work has focused on the importance of water and the issues that surround it. Some people have described my  artwork as chaotic, with forms, lines and symbols jumbled together, mirroring the abuse of the environment. I explore the themes of light and dark to tell the story of our current humanity, challenging and uplifting the viewer.

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