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Individual Offering And Follow Up, Artist Residencies

This is an individual course available for 5 people only.

  • I will individually work with you to help build a PERSONAL ROAD MAP for your artist residency.

  • I will help you look at why a residency would be helpful to you and help you apply.

  • I will assist you in selecting a residency that is right for you by examining your work and personal goals in order to enhance your artistic practice.

  •  Personal Coaching will involve finding residencies that you are excited about and enable you to be in a position to get the residency you want.


  •  An initial 30 minute consultation on zoom to see if I can help you, a discussion about what you are looking for in a residency, are you in a place in your artistic practice to get one or can I help you be ready to get one?

  •  A six weeks personal coaching course which will meet every 2 weeks on zoom for 30 minutes.


  • Examining your residency goals and how I can help you.

  • Helping you find appropriate residencies.

  • Coming up with a compelling application.

  • Looking at your images, artists statement, resume and application 

  • And helping you refine them.

  • Getting those applications out the door.

Initial Consultation 







Click here AFTER Initial Consultation


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