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A Destination, From Printmaker to Glass Artist

In 2013 when I turned 60 I had a vision. I dreamed about a giant ice column full of animals in peril, twisting and turning with the devastating changes in our environment. Since ice isn't permanent, I didn’t want to make the sculpture in ice. I thought glass ! As a printmaker working mostly in woodblock I knew nothing about glass. I began to research artists working in large cast glass formats.I found one artist that worked in large scale cast glass, Karen Lamonte. Karen casts life size glass dresses in the Czech Republic at the Lhotsky studio in Pelechov, Czech Republic. After reading about her, I discovered that she worked in the Czech Republic and cast her works at Lohotsky Studio in Pelechov, Czech Republic. The original studio owned by the famous glass artists, Brychtova and Libensky.

I wanted to go there to make my piece but I had no idea how I would do it?

Find out how in my next post.

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